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The Proscaf Scaffolding Advantage

Proscaf: Do More, with Less

For the ultimate flexibility in use, the system is designed to allow you to achieve maximum build efficiency whilst minimising personnel. The bolt-free rosette provides 8 connections on each level – four at fixed and four at variable angles, making the system versatile for simple and complex sites alike.

Without the need for bolts, Proscaf can be single-handedly assembled three times faster than traditional tube and clip systems. Simply lock the wedge into any rosette and the piece will self-support, giving you a load rated base to build from.

  • The unconventional becomes conventional – the unique load bearing properties of Proscaf components makes it ideal for projects that involve:
    • Cantilevered/spurring structures.
    • Craneable structures.
    • Propping/high load bearing.
  • Build with confidence – the highly-engineered properties of the system and extensive technical data available means that engineering of complex structures is simplified and streamlined.

Extensive QA processes and batch testing and stamping of every component assists the operational team in verifying and tracking any piece of Proscaf you own. Needless to say, Proscaf fully complies with local regulations relating to the installation of scaffolding.

  • Expand your offering – the Proscaf range includes:
    • Components to create public access structures such as stairs, ramps, and viewing platforms.
    • SwiftStage staging system.
    • Proscaf Aluminium system range.
    • SmartBridge bridging system.
    • SwiftRoof roofing/encapsulation system.