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See SafeSmart for a Better Truck Trailer Ladder

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AdjustaStairs - Truck and Large Vehicle Version

SafeSmart’s own AdjustaStairs product leads the way in the construction industry for highly-portable and effective temporary stairs. We take the concept one step further with a flat plate adapter that makes this system perfect for gaining safe and efficient access to truck trailers.

These truck access stairs will work for tray heights from 3' 3" to 4' 11" and are made from high grade aluminum for strength and hand-portability. For quick and easy redeployment, the handrails collapse in a matter of seconds, and the self-leveling stair treads accommodate a level and safe place for the feet within a great range of pitch angles.

Strutlock fittings eliminate the need for fixings. This stair system is perfect for anyone who works around and on trucks in places where permanent docking encourages clambering onto the tray. Do it the safe and smart way with us.

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AdjustaStairs - Truck and Large Vehicle Version

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