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Safe and Compliant Truck Access from SafeSmart

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Whether you are performing maintenance, cleaning, handling goods or anything else, safe and efficient height access is essential. In areas where there are no loading docks or sufficient steps or ladders, it can be tempting to take the risk of clambering onto flatbed trailers. This is why SafeSmart designed the SafeLoader.

Featuring 45-degree stair access, a self-closing gate, and easy-to-wheel lockable castors, this unit is made from high-tensile aluminum and is fully compliant with OSHA requirements. During loading/unloading, now the worker has a full-width platform to stand on rather than a narrow area along the length of the flatbed.

And the 8.6"-deep braced stair treads feature a coarse non-slip surface for added safety in wet or icy conditions. The unit can also be easily lifted and transported thanks to its well-placed crane points.

This standard-line product is available from all our global branches, including Los Angeles and New Jersey, for nation-wide delivery. Call now for a quote.

Platform dimensions:

SKU 210785 | 19' 8" (L) x 2' 3" (W) x 4' 7"(H)

SKU 210784 | 13' 1" (L) x 2' 3" (W) x 4' 7"(H)


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