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A Premium Access Platform Provider

For Ohio and Beyond the Northern States

Whether it’s in making of steel, automotive manufacturing, in agriculture or in aviation, Cleveland and the state of Ohio works hard. Despite diversification in the last decade or so, there are still many industrial facilities operating in the region that require a more manual type of labor. And these industries, as lucrative as they are, also present dangers to their employees, particularly in regards to falls from height.

This is where access platform provider SafeSmart Access comes in. Based in LA and New York, SafeSmart have representatives who are always available for short-notice consultation in the northern and mid-western states, from Ohio to Illinois, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Maryland and anywhere that safe height access solutions need implementing.

With decades of experience in construction, manufacturing, aviation, distribution and other industries that need daily safe height access, SafeSmart Access are able to assess working at height safety issues on site, design a solution, and then have it built, delivered and installed within a very short timeframe.

Custom Solutions

Whether it is an access platform, a maintenance platform, a ladder, customized scaffolding or mobile access equipment, SafeSmart Access utilize an in-house design team for developing new ideas daily. In fact, it is the challenges that our clients face that inform our designs.

And the experience gained by working side by side with industrial clients in Northern Ohio is brought to other regions and industries in the USA’s northern states and cities, from Chicago to Detroit, Milwaukee to Louisville, Pittsburgh and beyond. Whatever the height issue is, SafeSmart can solve it.

Maintenance and Access Platforms for All Northern States

If your business is located in the Mid-West, North-West, Mid-Atlantic or North-East, you too can benefit from the efficiencies and safety improvements provided by SafeSmart Access platform products. From anywhere, get in touch with our friendly representatives today.