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Work Over Desks with Safe Access

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Height access in interior spaces can be a challenge. In commercial and corporate properties, maintenance often needs to be carried out over furniture and other obstacles without being able to move anything for placing a ladder.

SafeSmart’s Desksurfer (DS) was designed to be easily wheeled through standard-width doorways and deployed—thanks to its cantilevered design—over desks and other objects without the need to disturb a work area or its occupants. The Desksurfer’s cantilever reaches 35.4" outwards – excellent for building maintenance, painting, lightbulb replacement, IT installations, power installations and many more applications.

Now, you can stop climbing on the furniture and disturbing the work environment. And you can get the job done faster and safer, with SafeSmart’s Desksurfer.

Dimensions are 25.6" x 53.1" x 75.3" for easy transportation. It will fit through a 30"x78" door. This allows it to easily enter any standard elevator to go from floor to floor. An adjustable height range of 3" to 7.4" accommodates access over varying furniture heights.

Work over desks easily now by contacting SafeSmart for a quote and delivery to anywhere in the USA.

The Desksurfer Maxi (DSM) is the same general design as the Desksurfer, and uses a unique weighted mast instead of a hand crank to adjust in height. Simply push the mast into position and the mast will level and lock in to the desired height.

The Desksurfer is a must for every facilities maintenance coordinator.

89" Max deck height

13' Reach height


• Tool tray/seat
• Surround flooring castors
• Surround safety rails
• Hinging gate 
• Constructed of 6061 aircraft-grade aluminum
• Net weight 145lb
• Base Size — 27" x 49"
• Platform Size — 20"x 34"
• Minimum Platform Height — 36"
• Maximum Platform Height — 89"
• Platform Adjustment — 11" increments


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