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America's Trusted Supplier of Aircraft Maintenance Stands

Safe on the Ground. Safe in the Air.

The USA has one of the busiest skies in the world. The ability to easily commute via air is crucial to America’s prosperity in business. With this kind of demand, the business of maintaining airplanes, helicopters and the like is a very serious one, from the smooth running of civil airlines to making sure that the air defense fleet is in top running order.

For ground crew, gaining access to aircraft safely is a paramount concern, not only for personnel safety but also for efficiency around the hangar. Time is money in aviation, so you need the equipment that helps you get the job done fast and safely. That equipment is at SafeSmart Aviation, America’s premier provider of aircraft maintenance stands.

With branches in New York and Los Angeles, SafeSmart are well-positioned to assist the United States’ aviation industry with solutions that increases safety and productivity on the tarmac.

Compliance Guaranteed

It is also important to make sure that the ground support equipment you choose is legally-compliant for safety standards. All products for the aviation industry are approved by and comply to FAA regulations relating to height access equipment.

Want more details on our aviation range? Explore our aviation division over at SafeSmart Aviation now.

All Aircraft. All Platforms.

SafeSmart understands that in order to uphold high maintenance standards, you need to get as close to the aircraft without touching the fuselage, wings or rotors with platform, ladder or stair edges. In addition to our standard range, we also provide custom solutions that will fit any aircraft perfectly. Here are some examples of this type of solution, as per commissioning by some of the world’s biggest aviation operators:

The SafeSmart Difference

SafeSmart Access follows the developments in the aviation industry closely, and is always equipped to design and manufacture specialized height access equipment for every new aircraft. Robust, portable and compliant, SafeSmart’s aircraft maintenance stands are:

  • Available in modular formats – easy to reconfigure for each aircraft and their own unique maintenance programs.
  • Extremely cost-efficient – even when equipment in customized, we help you to meet budgets and maintain safety compliance at the same time.
  • Heavy duty in construction quality, yet easily maneuverable without the aid of machinery or vehicles. A steel base dock with aluminum components creates the perfect balance.
  • Flexible in choice of construction materials – depending on how much you need to move the system around, docking systems are also available in full aluminum.

Aircraft Maintenance Stands that Keep America Flying

If you have any enquiries about our aircraft maintenance stands or other portable height access equipment for around the hangar, get in touch with us today.

Want to know more? Get more details on our aviation range at our SafeSmart Aviation website at this link