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Fall Protection-Related Tips for All USA Businesses

Understanding OSHA and the Equipment that Complies

In the US, there are regulations in place that when implemented ensure the safety of contractors who are working at height. The Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) is set up to ensure that workers are carrying out best practice for safety in any industry. The codes are applicable in all states.

Regulations are grouped into these categories and/or environments:

  • General Industry
  • Shipyard Employment
  • Marine Terminals
  • Safety and Health Regulations for Longshoring
  • Construction

Get the Right Access

And in addition to best practices, the equipment used also needs to comply.

When looking for the portable height access equipment, you need to find a supplier who understands OSHA regulations and supplies products that adhere to them. For the best products that assist with fall protection for USA companies, that supplier is SafeSmart Access.

With branches in New York and Los Angeles, SafeSmart design, manufacture and deliver height access equipment to the entire country, for all industries.

Why OSHA Matters

Complying to regulations such as those outlined by OSHA is not simply about ticking boxes. When you implement procedures or use equipment that adheres to occupational health and safety standards, you greatly reduce the risk of injury to, or death of your workers.

And according to research carried out by OSHA, in the top 10 most frequently-cited standards violated in the financial year of 2015, fall protection in construction comes in at number 1 for the USA. Also, at positions 3 and 7 respectively, are scaffolding and ladders.

As a result, OSHA’s "Fatal Four" reasons for worksite fatalities is topped by, wait for it, falls, a whopping 39% of worksite fatalities in FY 2014.

This is why SafeSmart Access have become America’s first choice for portable height access solutions: an understanding of OSHA regulations across all industries, and the product range to back it up.

Call SafeSmart for Fall Protection Advice. From Anywhere in the USA.

If you have any enquiries, or need advice on best practices for health and safety at your work place, get in touch with us today.