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Robust Steel Scaffolding for the USA

Install Fast with Proscaf

For higher heights, often what is normally solved by the use of aluminum scaffolding needs a more robust solution. That solution is steel scaffolding. Traditionally, this option is seen as the cumbersome and slow-to-install way of doing things, but at SafeSmart Access, you can have the sturdiness, compliance, and the time-efficiency normally only associated with aluminum.

To tick all the boxes, explore Proscaf, SafeSmart's quick-to-erect steel scaffolding.

The Proscaf Ringlock system allows for full versatility with configuration options. With simple instructions, minimal components and bolt-free connections, Proscaf is easy enough to erect single-handedly. Add to this, a range of complementary accessories, and you have a system that provides not only safe height access, but also OSHA compliance and increased worksite efficiency.

Unique Componentry. Unified Solution.

SafeSmart Access understands that not all buildings and structures are a simple shape. To get over and around irregularly-shaped structures and obstacles, your average off the shelf scaffolding will not suffice. This is why SafeSmart Access make all componentry for the Proscaf system available separately, so you can create access solutions that fit the bill perfectly.

For all trades and applications, Proscaf has some very fundamental advantages:

  • Proscaf locks together to create craneable towers and sections
  • VERY strong – able to create bridges and large cantilevers
  • Added strength makes Proscaf ideal for use in formwork and for propping.


For greater heights than what aluminum scaffolding is recommended for, our range of steel scaffolding and accessories suit applications such as:

  • Residential projects
  • Bridge building
  • Birdcage scaffolding
  • Multi-storey buildings

For Proscaf, America's First Choice for Steel Scaffolding, Call

If you have any enquiries about any product from our scaffolding range, get in touch with us today. For full flexibility, we also provide complementary components such as mobile work platforms and edge protection systems that go together to make a more efficient, productive and safe workplace.